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GreenElectric Power Corp is a technology based Independent Power Producer with a strong background in research and development. Our technology objective is to achieve clean burn characteristics utilizing waste products as fuel for electrical generation. Our historical development of Hydrogen Combustion Enhancement technologies enables us to develop clean burn applications on long carbon chain fuels which might otherwise be disposed of.
Our team is comprised of chemical engineers, turbine mechanics, mechanical engineers, turbine engine manufacturers, and power generation engineers. We have previously developed and successfully deployed equipment into oil and gas applications utilizing waste fuel which other companies were unable to achieve a satisfactory result with.

GreenElectric Power Corp has aligned with other stakeholders in the biofuels industry to produce a cost effective solution to a growing problem of waste production. Multiple benefits are produced for the end user. 1. A currently disposed waste liability is removed. 2. The waste is used to produce electricity at a discount cost to the facility 3. The heat is used onsite eliminating the need to pay for Natural Gas 4. Carbon reductions are available to the operator of the system.
GreenElectric Power Corp will turn a waste product into a green fuel for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our investors will benefit from patented mechanical apparatus, proprietary intellectual assets, and process patents.

The biodiesel and ethanol industries are in their infancies. Technologies gaining acceptance in the early stages of this fast growing industry stand to benefit along with the initial growth surge.
GreenElectric Power Corp will be well positioned to participate and capitalize in this growth as demand for biofuels increases, and so does glycerin production along with it.

Redesign, Improve & Deploy Turbine Generation Technology “New Green Fuel”
The accelerated growth of green fuel industries has produced an abundance of glycerin which is disposed. GreenElectric Power Corp engages manufacturing industries, resource recovery corporations, and other large users of power, for the purpose of reducing their operational expenses by providing “behind the fence” power generation. By utilizing innovative, patentable mechanical designs and by applying years of accumulated experience in combustion process reactions we are taking industrial waste and turning it into green electricity.
This project will facilitate the utilization of a new green fuel source which is currently disposed. Current projects will be accommodated by existing, proven technologies. Meanwhile our Research and Development team will design more cost efficient power generation technologies for this new green fuel, resulting in;
1. lower up front capital cost
2. smaller onsite physical footprint
3. lower operational costs
4. a shorter ROI for investors.